Membership to P³G is open to all individuals and not-for-profit organizations committed to upholding P³G objectives and to contributing their expertise to the P³G community under applicable legal and ethical obligations of P³G.


The two categories of P³G membership are Institutional and Individual.


  • INSTITUTIONAL Organizations conducting, using or collaborating with or planning to be involved in such fashion with health studies, biobanks, research databases and other similar health research infrastructures committed to complying with the P³G objectives and to providing P³G with relevant knowledge and expertise.
  • INDIVIDUAL Individuals from academic, public or private sectors committed to sharing their knowledge and capable of furthering the objectives of P³G and of providing P³G with the benefit of their knowledge and expertise. 


Membership is based upon application and acceptance by the Board of Directors of P³G and for Institutional Members, payment of a membership fee of CDN$800 a year (or CDN$2,000 for three years). Institutional members are entitled to vote on all matters submitted to a vote. Only Institutional members can elect the Directors of P³G. There are no fees for Individuals Members.


All members receive a number of benefits, including invitations to participate in all P³G activities and members' meetings, access to networking and informal scientific exchange with leading researchers in the field of population genomics, as well as access to customized biobanking tools and live interaction with experts. All members (or their representatives in the case of Institutional members) are eligible for office.