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The BRIF (Bioresource Research Impact Factor) initiative is a collective work in progress, currently developing a framework for: i/ creating a tool to calculate research impact of bioresources based on a unique digital resource identifier and on a metrics (algorithm analogous to some extent to the journal IF), ii/ assessing requirements for citation/acknowledgement of bioresources in order to trace their use in research.

Before creating the metrics, a BRIF BioSHaRE Pilot Study has been designed to test the harmonisation of bioresources citation in publications, using a P3G identifier (ID).

Each cohort/collection/database used in the project will have to request a unique identifier from P3G for their bioresource that will be used throughout all BioSHaRE publications; this identifier (ID) will be a random number (it will be converted into the format of the unique ID for BRIF in due time, should this format change); as the level of granularity is under current discussion, this initial ID will have to identify the bioresource in its broadest dimension, i.e. the cohort or the biobank itself. Further needs and how to deal with them is part of the pilot study.

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